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"On word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love"

— Sophocls

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Life Can Only Suck When You Dont Love Who You Are

Life is tricky, but our vessels and outer actions reflect the good or bad we see and feel. Why waste it in the negitive side, no matter what we have to go thru we can always embrace the positive and see the true beauties there are to life. No one but ourselfs can make it otherwise!

-Anissa Jeanne

I Just Wanted A Day With Nobody Else But Me


Look it up, doesnt matter where you live. Its an on going global destruction. Chemtrails spray out in the sky, alluminum particals fall back down to us, our water and our air. It is killing our animals and soon us.It is fogging out our skys, blocking our suns rays to stay warm. Its a gigantic mess EVERYONE should be aware of. and yet we’re so blind. Look it up, Talk about it, Question it. Put it to a END